We create the happiness based on society in Baby’s safety and parents’ trust.

AONE CO., LTD was established in 2018 from its mother company called Kesung Industry.
Kesung was based on fiber manufacturing and exporting business since 1958 and began to focus
solely on baby years in 1988.
AONE follows Kesung’s business philosophy and the spirit.
Over 20 years, we imported such as Evenflo, Combi, Bebe, Confort, Pali, and TEAMTEX from
overseas and lead Korean baby product industry.

Based on our technology and professionalism, we created RYAN brand, the safety product that
provides comfort to baby and faith to parents, and received the best brand awards by Forbes for
three consecutive years as well as Korean first brand awards for two years. Also, we offer other
valuable brands as UK premium baby gear JOIE, Netherland Premium brand NUNA, French brand
TEAMTEX , and so on.

We always think of baby first that corporate social responsibility is very important. As a
leading company of baby gears in Korea, we responds for social needs and care in nationawide
such as donating and sponsoring ‘dream start’ for babies, single parents’ society and low class
households, and many others.

AONE believes that every child in the world is precious and worthy of love.

In order to create happy valued society, we fully support HR development and nominated
‘family friendly corporate’ by Ministry of Labor in 2014. we will continuously work on'
the experience, and more values’ as the parents love their babies.

Thank you!

CEO of Eiwon, and all executives and employees.


The company with full of parents’ confidence and caring baby’s safety


The company with full of parents’ confidence and caring baby’s safety
Throughout our baby gears with our customer’s confidence which is created by our core values in Honesty,
Trust , Creation, and Communication, AONE leads to build a better society for children to live better.
  • HonestyA company that shares the
    growth and dream of a child.
    Trust the customer in an
    honest and honest manner
  • InnovationIn open communication with creative
    minds Get innovative products
    and Creating corporate culture.
  • SincerityTrust with the Customer First Thinking,
    having the best technology
    and the best. Services can
    help customers trust
  • CommunicationFast and accurate information within
    the organization Share and communicate
    with customers. We can open up
    an instant window Products and services
    help customers We are committed and

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